Hello, my name is Erika Larson.

Erika Larson Minneapolis
Courtesy of the  Star Tribune

Courtesy of the Star Tribune



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Past events

  • zero waste grocery shopping workshop at tula spa, mpls - 2018

  • Living like our elders workshop at Tare Market, mpls - 2019

  • speaker at ‘trash talk’ meetup, mpls - “Conscious consumerism” - 2019



I may have been the treasurer of my high school's Ecology Club for about two seconds, but it wasn't until 2014 that it dawned on me that I could do more for the environment than just sign Greenpeace petitions and share articles on Facebook to friends with uneager ears. It was then that inspiration from other zero wasters out there encouraged me to begin trying to produce less trash. It is now my firm belief that change starts with us as individuals. Many people I've listened to want to wait for government laws and regulations that dictate how we interact with the environment and the economy, and while I'd love for that to happen too, I can't wait for it.

I believe in practicing what you preach, voting with $$ and living your values.

Over the years since then, through trial and error and a lot of research, I've developed other habits necessary of an ecologically and socially ethical lifestyle and I've gotten braver about sharing them with people like you. This is purely a passion project - not a business - and seeing that people have been inspired by my life has greatly encouraged me to keep sharing and keep pursuing a life of health and integrity. Thank you for following along. I am constantly inspired and shaped by the people I follow around the world who are also on a journey towards sustainability and health. I need to mention them because I am not doing this in a vacuum on my own and the zero waste community especially is responsible for most of my seemingly brilliant ideas. Though I'm absolutely not perfect, and my trash doesn't fit into a jar, you make me want to be better and keep me accountable. We're all on a journey - share yours with me!


About Me

I was born in Orange County, California and spent my first 19 years there. Always an indoorsy girl who hated the beach, wearing shorts and flip flops (and really anything to do with Southern California), I happily made the move to Bend, Oregon in 2007. During the ten years I lived in Bend, I got married, bought a house, adopted a couple pets, went to massage school and started my own massage studio. In September 2017, my husband and I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. We traded in our three bed, two bath house for a one bedroom condo exactly half its size. We searched high and low for an affordable large city with an amazing art scene (my husband is a writer/composer and is heavily involved in the theatre scene), good public transportation, and progressive ideals. Minneapolis was the place, and we love it so far (freezing temps and all). 

Through it all, I've held an insatiable desire for knowledge, data and details (Enneagram 5 here, hello!) If you meet me, I may ask you too many questions about yourself and you'll realize at the end of a conversation you really don't know anything about me! I could ask questions for hours, happily. My interest ranges from natural health and eastern medicine, to art history and design; from social justice and environmentalism to alternative education; and from world events to politics. I won't be writing about all of that here, but when I began writing a blog for my massage practice, I realized how much I have to say and how much I love writing about it. 

When I begin to study a topic, it takes months or years for me to feel like I'm fully satisfied with what I've learned. I have to mull it over in my mind, see all the ins and outs, know everything. It's completely exhausting, as you can imagine. This blog is a place for me to put that research. I think you'll find at least something interesting. This is a place where sources are cited and where footnotes are long. With so much noise on the internet these days, I promise to not lead you astray with inflammatory allegations that are left without proof. To be honest though, I am biased. I do have opinions. After all my work of trying to figure out all the details, I often do not agree with mainstream thought, but I hope you like what you read, and I hope we all learn something new from the process.